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@Jack Davis. “Take Me To Your Leader”

Yes, it has been more than a few very busy years since I wrote a blog. What with moving, collection purchases, book fairs, correspondence, reading books, blogs, catalogs, book reviews, newspapers, and the Book Club of Washington events, time is short. Not to mention working the Facebook page of the PNW Chapter of the ABAA, meeting once a month with the local Peninsula booksellers group, 1 blog fotoand baseball season. However, thanks to Alan Green and Luke Lozier at Bibliopolis, things are happening with a new website, blog, and next week, an E-LIST.  There will always be printed catalogs issued, but the E-LIST is more immediate. Such as this fresh new arrival:  3 TLS’s (5 pages, 1957, 58) from Hugh Hefner to cartoonist Jack Davis orchestrating Davis’ famous jazz cartoon “Take Me To Your Leader” published in Playboy 1959 (the All-Star Jazz issue). $1250.00. Stay fine tuned, in coming blogs we will take a good look at book fairs, and how to shop for the best books from home. 2016 will mark my 31st year of buying and selling books.  Ed Smith, Member ABAA

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